About Us

At the beginning, we were simply fed up with expensive and poor quality dietary supplements.

Even though dietary supplements can never take the place of a healthy diet, we are convinced that they are essential to contribute to health, wellness, and happiness.

Yet, before founding Nutrivita in 2012, we were surprised to see products on shelves that were too often poorly dosed to be really effective, formulated with controversial additives (such as titanium dioxide) and offering no guarantee of transparency.

We then wanted to change things.

We developed our own range of health supplements.

Supplements with a wide range of benefits to help feel your best each and every day.

Supplements inspired by clinical research backed by science consensus.

Supplements using premium ingredients formulated to deliver the highest quality, effectiveness and absorbability.

Supplements made with transparency and traceability in mind, 100% clean (additive free), at an affordable price.

Finally, supplements you can trust.

We're here for you!

We may be an online retailer, human contact remains essential to us.

If you ever need advice or information, feel free to reach out. 😉

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Our commitment to solidarity

At Nutrivita, we want to get involved in projects that contribute to making our world a little better every day.

We have therefore partenred with the association Un Enfant par la Main, which helps children throughout the world, to which we donate 5% of our profits.

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